Beauty Simbanegavi; one of those who can say we had a nice time at work

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I chatted with Beauty Simbanegavi a day after she returned to Zimbabwe from South Africa. “We had a nice time”, she said despite the fact that she had gone to the neighboring country for work. I mean you either hate Monday, or you know people who do. If you know who she is then you would understand why Beauty is one of those who can enjoy themselves at work. She is one Thomas Mapfumo’s backing vocalists. So she is one of the people whose work starts when most working hours are over. Beauty is actually part of what many people look forward to on weekends. Take a look at the photos and you will see she actually had a nice time at work.

Beauty is also an actor and a radio personality. In her interview with hasheworld.com she shared insights about parenting. She has a life to manage back home, and it’s not all fun but a balance between responsibility and enjoying the life. Even though we see her on stage, it’s not all about having a nice time at work. There are practice sessions and preparation for the show. So, in the end what we see on the show is a result of the work before the show.

Beauty’s insights on parenting.

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