Dance – A bit of Rascal moves

Rascals Dance Group
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These young friends who share an interest in dancing have organized themselves into a dance group; The Rascals. When I spoke to them about formal education, they said they suffered financial constrains. Schools offer exposure and unique access to opportunities but sometimes it is not enough. Here is a bit of Rascal dance moves at a low budget wedding.

Despite the fact that many high density suburbs in Zimbabwe do not have the proper facilities for activities like art and sport, a good number of renowned artists and sportspeople rose from these places. Some facilities were never there but others deteriorated. However, like the phoenix, “ghetto youths” are tested by flames of hardship. Some of the country’s talent wasted away in the streets of such places as Mbare, Chitungwiza and Sakubva. But even with such tough backgrounds other talent flourished and rose to fame.

This is where these Rascals are coming from. They are dancers who enjoy their performances like there is no tomorrow. Most of the times they dance to music from fellow youngsters who came from a similar background. Looking up to them as examples, beacons of hope. 

Funding will do part of the work that is required to improve their lives and to maximize their potential. The other part is catching up on what they would have learnt at school. They need to be cultured for success


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