Getting Closer ❤️ How much do you share in your relationship?

Getting Closer | How much do you share in a relationship...?
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Couples – Getting closer to each other is one of those things you would want to happen naturally but it may need more than just a nudge. What draws you closer to each other and what happens as the bond becomes stronger? Should you just leave matters of the heart to the heart or should you apply your mind to it? Love may grow naturally from just a spark to a steady glowing flame but still relationships have to be actively managed. In particular, how much do you share?

How much do you share in a relationship...?

Getting closer – complementing each other or…

Before we get into the details of what couples can share and strengthen bonds just know that relationships can be one-sided and abusive or passionate, compassionate and sacrificial. Maybe at first, it’s just you and the other one. Then, getting closer to each other, you begin to really spend time together, to really know about each other, and to share more than just living space. Boundaries begin to shift. A sense of belonging grows. It’s no longer you and the other one but just YOU.

You complete each other. You may be complements but you are still individuals. There will always be times of conflict of which some will make you but others may break you. To be true complements though, one should not be overwhelmed by the other. Dominating each other in a relationship can be healthy within certain limits but it should not reach the extent of making a toy out of your partner.

A dominating man can squeeze the life out of his woman. The lady will end up having to pretend and not being herself when her man is around. More about “him-sided” relationships

getting closer - Her-sided relationship

A dominating woman can place her man into a bottle playing house with him like a doll. The man will either end up suffocating or looking for fresh air elsewhere. More about her-sided relationships..

Getting closer - Cell mate kind of relationship

A “cellmate” kind of relationship is one in which both are tied together by factors other than love. For example, parents being together because of their children. More about cell mate relationship.

What can be shared…?

Of course, everything is good at its right time but generally speaking, here is what you can share as you get closer. The key is to be true as an individual while being a real partner. Open up; be vulnerable.

  1. Share the depths of your hearts – Before you can share other things maybe it is important to connect emotionally.
  2. Share the warmth of your bodies – touching, cuddling, holding hands, kissing and of course sex can strengthen the bonds in a relationship.
  3. Exchange thoughts and views – The only way a person can know and appreciate your mind is if you express yourself. Share ideas…
  4. Share the beauties of the mind – Watch the stars and name them, watch the clouds and tell the stories from the shapes. Maybe… But seriously create both your fantasies and express yourself with art.
  5. Get closer spiritually – Get closer in sharing values and believes. Move with the same drive or at least be aware of what keeps the other going.
  6. Share other experiences – Beyond the common romantic experiences, have some “real life” together. It strengthens your friendship.

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