Happiness within, expressed in meals we share.. Fay Jay

Fay Jay in the Kitchen - The happiness within expressed in the meals we share
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Sometimes you just want to enjoy it a little longer… Whatever it is! Take Joy in preparation. Immerse yourself in setting the moment. Enjoy the moment. And cherish it. That has to be long enough. Fay Jay – Faith John – the co-founder of Events by Namiah does that with food. She draws her inspiration from the mood of the event. More often than not, the events are happiness within, expressed in the meals we share. But not all days are happy days.

The Happiness within, expressed in the meals we share..

Fay Jay doesn’t encourage stress eating or any other emotional eating, but she appreciates how food goes beyond just being sustenance to touch our hearts. Even more, meals can strain or improve relationships. In her line of work Fay Jay has seen meals set up as gestures of affection. But even before she got into the hospitality industry, back in the Zimbabwean home, eating together was seen as a way of strengthen relationships. Now, however, she has learnt more about making the best of each serving.

So much to pick from - the happiness within expressed in te meals we share
French bread, Black and green olives, Crackers Figs, Grapes, Bread sticks, Smoked salmon, Smoked turkey, Pepperoni Salami, Cheddar cheese, Brie cheese, Parmesan cheese, Lebneh balls, Whole-wheat crackers, Blueberries Chutney, Black cherries, Mixed nuts – Image courtesy of Fay Jay

So take time to plan your meals and pick your ingredients carefully. You can do it on your own and surprise the family. But you can also share moments in the kitchen then enjoy your meal times together. Compliment each other. That way, even when the meal is over, you will enjoy it longer. And remember cleaning after the meal is part of the process 🙂 .

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