New Logo – Time Slides matches brand mark with new ideas

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Time Slides Investments has a new logo. Besides the fact that one of the founders, Bernard C.C. Kasiyandima likes blue, Time Slides Investments Private Limited took this color to represent the company’s values. Seeing now, that the company has picked a shade of blue different from the original logo design, read below to find out why. Shape-wise, what was left from the previous design? Why a new logo now?

New logo for Time Slides Investments
On the left, Time Slides’ Digital clock inspired logo. On the right, the new brand mark, inspired by “the value of a moment”

The dream behind the logo

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It is the color we see when we look into the great expanse. But, what does it have to do with Time Slides? From its creation, the company’s vision, has been “to exhaust the potential in every moment of time.” This vision is as ambitious as it sounds but if potential is defined as progress waiting to happen, then as a goal, this vision is attainable within a a chosen scope of activity.

The company therefore invests in “crafts” with which one can tap into and make the best of potential in a selected domain of operation. This all has to be done at the right time with proper schedules. Such endeavors take a lot of looking up to the sky to check the time and gazing at the sea, considering what’s on the horizon. The color blue represents time, space and inspiration, with which dreams will be experienced in reality. It represents the choice (calmness to weigh available options) and chance (the potential, the environment has to offer) we have in time.

A new blue – pursuing the dream

Now that the reasons behind blue have been outlined, why change from one blue to another? Owing to the stealth mode which characterized the company’s long research and development phase a dark shade of blue was suitable. Now however, the company is in a phase were a more welcoming color is desired.

The previous logo, was a digital clock showing T:S. On the top left corner a perceptive eye could discern that the screen of the clock was sliding off. So, there you have it; Time Slides. On the new logo you can still make out the the rice grain shape segments commonly seen on digital clocks. Inspiration from this 7 segment display is 1 of the things the logos have in common. The slides on the new logo are still visible on the top left corner. But this time, the digits are the ones sliding instead of the whole display screen. To emphasize the value of time and the idea of investment, the entirety of the logo takes its shape from a gemstone.

There are a lot of ideas behind this new design. But like every custom logo design, everyone has their perspective.

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