Natural element of home – Keeping it real with Chiratidzo

Muboora experiment - the natural element of a Zimbabwean home
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🤣 I love anything Zimbabwean. It’s nostalgia. Most of the time I cook and share with others. Makuseni seni ndakanga maputi nenzungu (Very early in the morning I roasted maize grain and peanuts). When I get too busy l use Uber Eats and enjoy UK meals.

Chiratidzo, a Zimbabwean in the UK. How does she recreate the natural element of home?

In today’s world, a good number of us have to build new homes away from their homeland. You can build a custom kitchen anywhere but you will probably have to make do with the available ingredients. If you find yourself becoming nostalgic like Chiratidzo, planting can be the closest you will ever get to reproducing the natural element of home.

Muboora experiment - the natural element of a Zimbabwean home
Chiratidzo says, “Muboora (pumpkin leaves) was brought by an Irish workmate. She is vegan. I told her that squash leaves are edible and taught her how to prepare the Zimbabwean dish. She now eats with her flatmate who is actually a chef”

To some people, home is where mum and dad live or where there is love. And to others, it’s the center that connects what happens in every area of your life. With its comforts and pressures, you carry pieces of home almost everywhere you go. While some people just pack homemade lunch, others have to thrive on their memories of a far away home. This is where photos, videos, music and staying connected with your loved ones matters. Even gifts can help you keep intimate memories alive. For an animating experience, you can grow plants which are commonly found in the place you miss.

You can start growing something!

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