Technology that BOOMeranged.. Vinyl, EVs, UAVs

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With time we can prepare but time can also erode and depreciate. We are victims of it yet we depend on it. As we progress through time, technologies usually become obsolete. Turns out, some ideas resist change and we actually have technology that boomeranged when it was thrown away. Here are 3 of them

Technologies that boomeranged from the distant past.



Vinyl Records, a thing of the past that resurfaced after a series of tech advancement. Phonograph record aka gramophone record, superseded the previous technology and battled against the newer compact cassette , only to be suppressed by the compact disk. Even, with the recent technology, such as iPod and streaming which enables us to carry our music anywhere, records still find a niche. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) records were called vinyl. Now, however, any record is called vinyl. We threw this tech back into the past but it boomeranged with sales of millions of copies. A vinyl would be a good gift for people who lick collecting music. For instance even though you can easily find any Bob Marley track, a Legend [Vinyl] would express more emotional value.

The Electric Car or electric vehicles (EVs).

Innovators cast their vision towards electric cars even when horses were still the thing. That’s as far back as the 1800s. As a matter of fact electric cars and hybrids actually made it to market. However better roads and the discovery of cheap crude oil saw their decline. Manufacturers lost and revived interest in EVs many times. And the technology kept boomeranging as many times as they threw it away. Now EVs have evolved and are not only an image of a green but future world. You can check the technological and market progress here


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) now commonly known as drones are another comeback from the distant past. Initially unmanned aircrafts were exclusively military but their applications are becoming more general. Manufacturers are developing drones for agriculture, insurance, construction, mining and more. Get yours.

There is more technology that boomeranged from the past. You can add to the list by commenting below.

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