Try something new – Now.. Day one or One day, your decision..

Lawrence Gumbo using his Sundays to try something new
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Unless you are already trying something new, try something new now! About a fortnight ago, Lawrence Gumbo posted that he was trying something new, “Stay at home cook for yourself..” We decided to trace his steps and we found that every Sunday Gumbo tries some new eats. It’s not like he is a master of the culinary arts, but he is driven by appreciation for life. Which is why today is the best day to start sharing about Lawrence’s new thing; it’s his birthday.

I would like to say happy birthday to myself. And I’m truly grateful for this blessing which is life. I wish myself 1000 more years of being awesome.

Lawrence Gumbo

What’s new with cooking?

Even though people cook everyday, cooking with a little passion grabs attention. Because it’s the life in the cooking that gives it meaning. When Lawrence posted about cooking, some people in his circle started asking if he was working to become a chef. In short, they wanted to know why he had chosen cooking. In Lawrence’s words, “to try a new hobby”. Of course cooking is one of the things you can do during these days when we have to be home because of the covid-19 pandemic. And now you can access many recipes on the net you can get fresh ideas. Lawrence is a creative ninja, the guy you go to for web development and such, so yes his exploits a kitchen environment are something new.

We will be sharing Lawrence’s cooking Sundays with you. Stay motivated and keep the flame alive.

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