When buying a used laptop – Inspection tips (1)

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Budget issues can compel you into buying a used laptop. When you find something that you have been looking for, at a give away price, you might get too excited and overlook even the most obvious defects. There If you have decided that you will buy a used laptop instead of a brand new one then you will need to inspect it for signs of unrepairable faults. It is wise to bring in technical help. Outlined below are some of the issues you might want to check on the exterior.

  1. Check the Screen
    -Uneven brightness-White spots on your screen-flickering
  2. Test USB ports and CD drive
  3. Keyboard and mouse
    -Missing and loose keys are a nuisance. Imagine
  4. Frame
    -loose hinges
    -lid alignment
    -missing parts
    -cracks and spots caused by impact

The risk of buying a used laptop is usually visible when you have already bought it. For instance some laptops will only show their defects when they have overheated. That is why you will need to bring technical help. And also agree on terms and conditions that are favorable.

Apart from physical depreciation, advancement in technology also reduces the value of a laptop. If it is a used laptop chances are that it’s not the latest tech. 

Your contract must take all these things into account. 

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