DJ Shammah ft Nompie – Inspired by Prophet Java

Dj Shammah Ft Nompie - Hausikuda here
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Streetwise got a chance to chat with one of Zimbabwe’s talented and dedicated music producers; Shammah Jaricha commonly known as DJ Shammah. In particular, we got to find out more about one of his productions titled “Hausi Kuda here?” This house track by Dj Shammah ft Nompie is a piece of inspired music. And the inspiration is none other than Prophet Java.

Getting to know Dj Shammah

First, a little about Dj Shammah, How did he get into music? “I lived in S.A from 2009 up to 2013. During that period ndaiti ndikanzwa house music yeko ndainakirwa zvisingaite (I really enjoyed South Africa’s house Music). It got to a point where I started imagining myself making music. Sometimes I would compile certain instruments in my head to make a beat.”

DJ Shamma

DJ Shammah – The music producer who expressed Passion Java’s catchphrase in a House track – Hausi kuda here?

“When I came back to Zim I was only 16. Ndoopandakatanga kudzidzira ne shungu (that’s when I started to passionately music). At home I would use dad’s laptop to learn and make beats. By 2015 I was better. That’s when I linked up with my friend, who had a studio and improved even more with the work and experience. I would say it’s a natural, God given talent since in my family, my mom sings, my sister is a full time artist and I do music, singing & producing.”

Highlights.” I’ve worked with various artists namely; Juntal(award winning), Amos Mahendere, Bruce Machingura, Beav City, Sherkhy, Nendoro, and many others. The goal is to work with the nation’s big artists as we grow.”

The current track

Dj Shammah ft Nompie

Dj Shammah ft Nompie video comming soon

Hausi kuda here, DJ Shammah ft Nompie Inspiration. “I’m mostly inspired by big international producers & artists. Their creativity challenges me to do better. David Guetta, Avicii (RIP), Sia.. The list is endless. “Hausi kuda here?” was a Prophet Passion Java catchphrase. Some day in July I decided to try and express those words in a fun, dance song. That’s when I put together the lyrics. I felt it had to be simple and straight-forward. With the lyrics I worked on the instrumental, then I called Nompie to vocalize the lyrics. Right now we are finishing up the official video to launch the track officially.”

Challenges and Determination

“The main challenge I’ve faced is financial support to push our works. These are hard times but that won’t stop us. Eventually we gonna get there.”


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